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What we do

We're on a mission to restore the Singaporean Thamizhan Identity.
Join us in this cause.

சிங்கை தமிழன் சிகரம் தொடுபவன்

Singai Thamizhan was founded in November 2013.

It is a movement and a cause which aims to promote and foster cohesiveness and an authentic identity for the Singapore Tamilians.

Our Work

Singai Thamizhan's releases so far. Click on the modals to view them.

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Singai Thamizhan Trailer

The Start

Singai Thamizhan MV

Our First Milestone

Adutha Athyaayam

The Second Chapter


Singai Thamizhan Pictures

The Journey

How and when Singai Thamizhan started.

  • 2013 November

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Singai Thamizhan was formed by leader and founder Kaushik Iyer. He gathered support from like-minded youths who were willing to work towards an unified goal to bringing Singapore Tamilians together. Singai Thamizhan's initiative is to provide a strong foundation and platform for the growth of talenth youths in the Tamil society, and at the same time help to strengthen their patriotism towards the Tamil language.

  • December 2013 - January 2014

    Working towards our First Milestone

    Singai Thamizhan was a fresh initiative and very few knew about it. We decied to make an impact and make the initiative known to our community with the release of our very own music video, titled Singai Thamizhan. We worked days to plan and execute a video that will not only capture the hearts of the public, but to motivate them to come forward and utilise their talents in a meaningful way, and at the same time, nurture themselves.

  • February 2014

    Release of Singai Thamizhan Music Video

    After weeks of planning and days of shooting, the music video finally comes alive. It was released in February 2014 and received great response from the Tamil community. The music video was also featured on Vasantham channel, Mediacorp. We accomplished our goals. Our first milestone has been reached. Catch the music video here.

  • June 2014

    The Second Chapter Begins

    We released our second single, title Adutha Athyaayam. This project was initiated for the Singapore Tamil Youth Conference (STYC) held at NUS, Singapore on 20th June 2014. Catch the Lyric Video here.

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The Team

The amazing team of Singai Thamizhan. The brain behind all the works.

Kaushik Iyer

Leader & Founder

Kannan Vijayakumar


Jordan Joshua

Music Director



Harish Venkatesan

Creative Director

Bhargav Sri Ganesh




This the team of Singai Thamizhan. Singai Thamizhan is always on the lookout for talent youths. Feel free to contact us (Contact form below).


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